Thursday, February 10, 2011

where i want to be in 2011 and sketches

Another year has come, Another full year of animation!!!!!!!!
by the end of this year i want to finnish my short animated film and get my diploma in animation and hope my portfolio is good enought to get into uni ......fingers cross.......
and hopefully when im finnish uni i get good enought to work at one of the big studios in sydeny.

but what i really want to do is get into the vancover VFC visual effects course but the only thing is its in canada.
Well anyways wish me the best of luck and keep checking for more of my blogs this year and 3d models and animation, if anyone needs help with maya or mudbox just send me a message at 

cheers johno

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  1. Johno it's great to see your goals posted. Getting a degree from an Australian uni will help with your plan to study and possibly work overseas. Canada is part of the Commonwealth, so that is good for you as an Australian graduate. Vancouver is currently regarded as the best city to live in in the world. Keep working hard.