Thursday, September 23, 2010

3d model human figure

i did a lot of body studying to get the like ness to the muscles and the abs the hardest part i think was putting in the belly button and also attaching the head to the body, still havent finnish just yet but when i do i want to rig him up and give him armour or i type of futurist amour. i think i have been workin of and on, on this model for like 7 hours now kinda need a break hahahahahahaa


  1. Excellent work Johno. Great to see you are pursuing an interest in 3D modelling and rigging. Sorry, I'm not much help past the point where I take you to the edge of the cliff and say, "Look down there, modelling and rigging in Maya." Then give you a little nudge to see how you fly. You fly very well.

  2. hahahahaha thanks frank :)
    did you end up finding that rig thing we were talking about in class on friday???
    thanks for the comment!