Thursday, July 29, 2010

key poses for reference with max


  1. I'm thinking there could be a little more line of action in the body, he looks alittle stiff from the hips up. His feet look alittle bit awkard too :/ hmm
    I do however love his face and hand gestures. I find the 4th image (Max running towards the camera) most appealing. Great work :)

  2. What I like about the pose is the sense of movement but also balance. His head is well centred over the weight bearing foot allowing his left foot to start lifting off the ground.

    The pose could be improved by pushing it more. Apply the animation principle of exaggeration. make the pose more animated than real life. Currently it is close to real life. Pushing a curve through the spine and tilting the hips, shoulders and head more may improve the animation principle of appeal.

    Fast work Johno. You are getting quite comfortable in Maya, so it is time to take some risks with these posing exercises and push things too far.